Tuesday, February 2, 2016

DIY Reading Nook

If you are like me, you love burying your face in a good book! And, a comfy reading place makes for an even more enjoyable reading experience! Enter: the reading nook. Online, there are countless inspirations to be found for reading nooks, from transformed closets to window seats. I happened upon one pictured in a child's room; complete with a canopy and star shaped twinkle lights. So, I decided to make my own (pictured below). 

What You Need:

-a canopy(purchased at Salvation Army for less than $5)
-a screw-hangin- hook to hang from ceiling
-twinkle lights 
-plenty of comfy pillows (I purchased 3 pillows and a nice velvet throw from Goodwill for less than $10)
-comfy faux fur blanket(xmas gift from my grandma)
-other blankets for cozying up with
-nearby bookshelf.. FULL OF BOOKS!

I chose to situate my canopied reading nook in front of a window so that I would have the light of day for light during the daytime.  Using the ceiling hook, I hooked the canopy up to the ceiling and plugged the twinkle lights into a nearby plug in, bringing the lights up the wall with tacks and, finally, draping them from the hook so that the lights would be on both sides of the canopy.  Then, I laid the faux fur blanket down on the floor, piled up all sorts of pillows, and now I have a comfy place to enjoy a good read! I also can't get enough of the romantic bohemian feel! Love it! And, my dog loves it, too! I often find him snuggled up on the pillows. <3


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