Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Shrink Your Grocery Bill

If you don't live under a rock , then you have probably noticed how expensive the groceries are getting. Things I usually buy are sky rocketing. It is 2 times and sometimes 3 times more each week for my grocery budget. That is just for the basics that I buy. Using my food storage as a base , I still have a sky high bill.

These tips can help shrink your grocery bill. Every little bit helps.

Use a list and stick to it. I have gotten really good at planning out my meals for the week and sticking to a list. This has saved a lot.

NEVER shop for groceries on an empty stomach. Shopping hungry makes for a lot of impulse buying. Which adds a lot to the bill.

Leave everyone home when you go to the grocery store. You will be able to focus more on finding bargains and using coupons etc.

When you see something on sale that your family uses a lot of , buy as much as you can. Adds to your food storage and saves money in the long run. You will have it on hand and not have to buy it when the price goes back up to the higher price.

Buy store brand as often as possible. This has saved our family a lot.

Check the store ads each week and use your store savings card. You can save a lot doing this. Also use coupons as much as possible. I don';t rely on them because they are usually for items that are higher priced even with the coupon, but sometimes I have coupons for free items that save money for us.


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