Monday, November 30, 2015

DIY Camouflage Skirt

Found a book at thrift store - Free-Style Handmade Bags & Skirts - and right away found several things I want to make. I want to start with this skirt. I had found a pair of camo pants at a yard sale last summer for 50 cents that I can do this with.
Seems easy enough and since they cost almost nothing , it will be worth a try.

Another Style Box

This is a keeper! I love the fit, style, and color of this tunic from Gwynnie Bee! This is the first piece for me to keep. Great thing about renting clothing is that if i hate it I can send it back.

Here's a free month of #GwynnieBee, on me! Try the latest fashion trends in a monthly subscription box

Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Miracle!

Anti-Age Plus

Anti-Fatigue Night Cream,With Essential Oil And Hyaluronic Acid,Hydrates

And Brightens Skin,Reduces Wrinkles

Garnier Ultra-Lift Miracle Sleeping Cream  is the only thing you need to have great looking skin.

Get Radiant Skin

This time of year your skin gets punished. The cold winter air, holiday parties that go late, family gatherings, and all of the shopping really put a lot of dryness and irritation to our skin. The colder air with low humidity, wind, and dry indoor heat lead to dry and chapped skin.

Here are 4 ways to have radiant skin during the harsh winter months:

★ Wash with gentle cleansers. Use one that will not dry out your skin.

★ Exfoliate the dull skin away. Gives you a healthy glow and gets your skin ready for some extra moisture from skin cream.

★ Try to drop the super hot showers. Take shorter, warm showers and add body oil after you get out for silky-soft skin.

★ Moisturize your skin at least 2 times a day. The best time to do it is as soon as you got out of shower. Thick creams are best.

★ Drink plenty of water. Hydrate your skin from within!

Even though the winter can be harsh to your skin, you can have glowing skin if you follow these tips.

How to Create Custom Jeans in Military Style and Original Jeans Turned Inside Out

To design custom jeans in military style you'll need a piece of camouflage material, a needle and thread, buttons, scissors as well as a sartorial chalk. Turn your jeans into Capri trousers by cutting them a bit lower the knee line. Cut two square pieces from camouflage material, with a length of the trouser bottom and a width of about 10 centimeters each.

Sew the cuffs down to the bottoms of trouser legs, whip the side seam and stitch the seams on the sewing machine. Turn the cloth to the front side, carefully spread the cuffs, iron the side cuts into different directions. Turn the upper cut of cloth inside onto 5 millimeters, tack it to the trouser legs of your jeans and stitch the seams.

Sew down the buttons sideways near the outside seam of the trouser legs. Cut out two pockets from camouflage material of the same size which jeans' pockets have.

Turn over the cuts of one of the workpieces 5 millimeters and sew them down to the back pocket of jeans so that the factory stitching of pockets stays visible. Sew the second workpiece using the same technique, however, place it a bit outside of the pocket.

You can also make another patch flap pocket on one side on the thigh. Sew down buttons to the pocket and make cut loops in the flap. That's it!

To create extravagant "inside out" subculture jeans you'll need denim cloth, metallic buttons, thread, a needle and scissors.

Mark out a cut line on both trouser legs. The cut lines should have different levels, for example, one can be marked out up the knee height, the other one a bit lower. Cut off both trouser legs on the marked line using sharp scissors. Turn the cut off parts of trouser legs inside out.

Tack the outstanding inner seams so that they fit to the cloth and the stitching that will come to the front in the ready-made customized jeans model looks neat.

Sew down the finished trouser leg to the place where it was cut off so that unfinished cuts come on the outside, on the front part. Fray the cuts by taking out the threads with your fingers or using a gypsy needle.

Cut out of denim cloth of contrast color eight square worlpieces for onlays about 5 centimeters in width each. Our onlays will have different length, the longest one will be exactly the trouser leg's width, and each other will be 2 centimeters shorter than the previous one. Two last onlays should have equal length.

Turn over the cuts of each workpiece 0,5 centimeters and tack the edges. Stitch each workpiece using the thread of contrast color and on one of the ends make a cut loop using a sewing machine.
Tack and then stitch the onlays except for the shortest one to the jeans on various height parallel to the bottom of the jeans trousers. Sew down metallic buttons to decorative cut loops.

Onlays of different length can be equally placed on trouser legs of your custom tailored jeans. Cut out or pierce holes on back pockets using sharp scissors. Place them so that they would look as symmetrical as possible on both back pockets.

You can create a balanced impression of a complete jeans model by decorating one of the back pockets with a fake onlay.

Complete the pocket's decoration by sewing down a metallic button. Decorate the second back pocket using the same technique. That's it! Your originally built customized jeans are ready.
Custom jeans design, denim fashion - Getwear customized jeans brand

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Cyber Monday Can Offer the Best Online Shopping Deal

The rise of the internet brought about an online shopping sale where consumers find the best buy on Cyber Monday.

Most holiday shoppers are familiar with Black Friday but more and more bargain hunters are getting geared up for Cyber Monday, which is when many retailers offer their best online shopping deal. With internet shopping now such a part of the mainstream, many consumers head to cyber space in search of their best buy. Cyber Monday is traditionally the day that kicks everything off.

Unlike Black Friday, which is the day after Thanksgiving when many Americans head to the mall for considered the start of holiday shopping season, Cyber Monday shoppers stay at home in searching for the best online shopping sale.

The quest for the best online shopping deal really took off in earnest in the middle of the first decade of this century. During that time stores began to notice a drop off in holiday traffic. By the end of the season, large retail chains found that there profits weren't affected by the drop in holiday traffic. Upon analyzing the data, those retailers came to realize that shoppers were beginning to avoid the mall, opting instead to use their computers to locate the best buy. Cyber Monday was born.

Retailers have embraced these shoppers. While large chains still offer outstanding deals to their Black Friday shoppers, many are now also offering an online shopping sale, too. Online retailers also go all out during this time frame.

As the internet continues to become a more integral part of our lives, and increasing number of shoppers will look online for their best buy. Cyber Monday is here to stay.

This year, join the growing number of Americans who turn on their computers when looking for super sales. Cyber Monday kicks off many an online shopping sale. So hit the web for an online shopping deal.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Another Box Of Style!

Another box from Gwynnie Bee. I loved the fit and style of this tunic so much, but the pattern was not for md at all! I am not into patterns like this. So, this is getting sent back! Yay don't have to worry about having wasted money on something. No obligation. Try it out!

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Fashion Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide & Black Friday Deals!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

DIY Cinnamon Honey Hair Mask/Ambrosia!!

If there is anything that never ceases to frustrate me, it is shopping for beauty products. Whether it is makeup, shampoo, moisturizer, exfoliators, or self-tanners, there is soooo much to choose from and so many brands to research! Not to mention, many of the reputable brands are rather costly.

That's where DIY comes in handy! I have taken a liking to DIY beauty here lately, as it does tend to be more affordable. In addition, it is super fun and hardly frustrating at all! Oftentimes, the necessary ingredients can easily be found in your kitchen already! AND, DIY beauty products are generally made with natural, fresh ingredients.. leaving the guesswork and extra not-so-healthy, and unnecessary, ingredients out of the equation.

Below is a DIY hair mask that I made today, in like five minutes. First, a little backstory here: Roughly a year ago, I decided to get my hair done and my ex-hairdresser completely destroyed my hair, leaving it weak, awfully damaged, and breaking off at mere touch! It was awful, but I have slowly been bringing the health and beauty back to my hair. It's grown a few inches within the past couple months, or so. And, split ends are scarce. Long story short, I want to take care of my hair and do what I can to baby it.

Enter this hair mask. This DIY hair mask is SUPER easy and QUICK to make! All you need is:

1/2 cup 100% pure honey
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon of cinnamon

Mix all of the ingredients together in a small, or medium sized, glass jar. The mask can truly reap some wonderful benefits. Honey is a natural humectant, which attracts moisture, leading to more hydrated hair - which is super important in mending dry and damaged hair! Olive oil not only makes it easier to massage the honey into your scalp and hair, but it helps to promote a healthy scalp and really penetrates the hair at the roots, smoothing and coating each and every strand of your hair, leading to incredibly soft, hydrated hair (! Lastly, cinnamon helps contribute to preventing hair loss and breakage (Maheshwari, 140)!

I would suggest applying it to already wet hair. So, perhaps an application in the shower, after having already washed your hair.  Just make sure that you have enough time to apply this mask to your hair and leave it on for roughly half an hour, once a week. Enjoy this cheap, easy, fun, and healthy creation! And rinse! :)

Style & Less Than $10.00!

It can be done! Really for even less than that. But, the skinny jeans I have with this were $7.00!

 The local thrift store has had a special sale all month for their 85th anniversary. A lot of the clothing has been 85 cents to celebrate it. Bad for me because I haven't been able to get in there to take advantage of it! Just think of all of the great things that I missed out on. Oh well.

This men's shirt was one of the 85 cents find and the silk top under it was 85 cents. The belt was 50 cents. And, of course , I am wearing my favorite skinny jeans.

Wicked Shoes!!

 You can always find the most wicked and cool shoes at thrift stores!

<<< Already thinking about summer with this pair of shoes!! They will go with so many different things.

Jeans, skirts, high waisted shorts, sun dresses, maxi skirts, etc. The possibilities are endless with this pair.

>>>The style of these shoes will go with all of my winter outfits. When it is not snowing since they have an open toe. But, I love them.

Seriously, can we ever have enough shoes!! And at $3.95 a pair you can have as many as your house can hold!!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Too Many To Choose From

You can find a shortage of purses, handbags, and backpacks at thrift stores. Almost too many to pick. There are always a few that would make a great addition to my wardrobe. So many styles, colors, and eras. Vintage and new.

                                            Whatever style you are looking for can be found.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Thrifty Home Decor & More

Don't rule out thrift stores as a low cost way to decorate your home. You can always find great art and more. It is also a way to find vintage items if you want a bohemian style. I have found some really unique pieces of furniture and antiques at thrift store. Also, added to my pottery collection, with the recent drop in prices on McCoy and other pottery my pottery collection has doubled.  You can really change the whole look of your house on a frugal budget by shopping at thrift stores.

This huge picture was only $7.00! I wish now that I would have gotten it, it would have fit and looked perfect above my couch.

Keep an eye out for knick knacks, glassware, and collectibles. Thrift stores and yard sales are a great way to add to anyone collection. For very little money - This cute cardinal was only 50 cents!

The trays made out of paper in the 1940's I got for a whole $1.00. Isn't it amazing that some thing that is made of paper has lasted that long?

 Not sure why I bought this creamer and sugar set. They are kind of cute, but ugly! Vintage pottery is my weakness. 50 cents for the set.

 These funky vintage chairs were $2.00 each and I had to have them all. Even though my OCD is freaking out because one of them is yellow. They are marked Casalino I on the back. Which is a great item I am finding out after doing some research. A true treasure!!

Vintage toys are another item to keep an eye out for. Relive your childhood for very little money. I found a scratch n sniff colorform set just like one that I had when I was a kid for 50 cents!! Amazing shape it is in. Only missing 1 or 2 pieces. YAY!!

               Check out your local thrift stores - you will be surprised at what you can find.


Friday, November 20, 2015

The Bee's Knees

Taking advantage of the FREE month of clothing rentals from Gwynnie Bee , I received my first package today. It came very quick. Cute little box, opened it and found a tissue wrapped top with a return postage paid envelope. This is so neat. You can wear the clothing for a while then send it back or you can send it back. Which is what I am doing with this. From the photo on the site , I swore that I would love this top, but the neckline was just too big and open. I was sad. I really loved the pattern, just hated the neckline. But, that is the great thing about this - you hate the item , you send it back and wait a day or two for another item to wear! LOVE this so much. One piece of clothing at a time is $35 a month. The pricing and how many items at a time goes up from there. Great way to have new clothing to wear without the huge cost of actually buying that many items of clothing a month.

DIY Infinity Scarf - NO SEW!

This is so easy and fast! Very frugal , too. I found this XXL men's t-shirt at a yard sale for 50 cents this summer. Bought it thinking it would be big enough to make a skirt with to wear this winter with black tights. But , I had eyed it wrong. I cut it and right away I knew it would be way too short. So I set it aside for a few minutes , picked it up twisted it and put it around my neck! Yippeeee PERFECT and no sewing

Huge XXL men's t-shirt. I buy these whenever I see them for less than a $1.00 and in good shape. There is a lot of fabric in them. I used to make my son's cloth diapers from t-shirts like this!

 I loved the tiny stripe in this t-shirt. I wear a lot of black and knew this would go with just about everything I have. Whatever I decided to make out of it.

                                    I cut it straight across the t-shirt from underarm to underarm.

I held it in my hands and scrunched it up - bottom of shirt to the end where I cut. Then I twisted it and put it around my neck. Fits exactly like I would want an infinity scarf to fit in the winter. Just right to look great and keep my neck warm.

NO SEW and fast. Maybe 5 minutes total time to make. Now, I want to go thrift store shopping just to look for XXL men's t-shirts!!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Always in Style

If there's anything that annoys me about the colder months, it's having to hide under a winter coat. But, I've found that a coat doesn't have to be drab or annoying! Simply invest in a leather jacket! The one I am wearing is probably my favorite accessory, to be honest. I bought it at Kohls roughly two years ago on sale for like $20. I literally wear it with everything..from maxi dresses and skirts with tights to a sweater or top with jeans! Plus, it is perfect for layering as well and looks super chic with a cozy scarf and cute gloves. Or, just wear it as is. Either way, you will look stylish AND badass! :)

Fabulous Tunics!

Tunics are so comfortable to wear. They are also so stylish. You have to have a few of them in different prints etc. They look so great with a pair of skinny jeans. Pretty much all I wear now that it is cooler.

This tunic in the photo , I made! Found this awesome fabric at a yard sale for 25 cents and got home and there was over 2 yards. I knew right away I would use it for this Simplicity 4180 Misses' Pullover Bias Tunics or Tops, Size K5 (8,10,12,14,16) sewing pattern.I did not sew in the camisole piece into the neckline , because I have a pink top that I can wear under this and it looks perfect.

Comment Below -  What was the last thing you sewed??

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Bath and Beauty Box Set: Homemade Beauty Products for Gifting and Personal Use

Give homemade gifts this Christmas to be frugal. You can make homemade items that give that personal touch , making everyone happy , and saving you money! Even save more money because this book if FREE for your Kindle. Bath and Beauty Box Set: Homemade Beauty Products for Gifting and Personal Use (Skin & Hair Care) is free for kindle at the time of this posting. Check the pricing.


Bath and Beauty Box Set

DIY Body Butters: Homemade Body Butter Recipes for Skin Rejuvenation and Hydration

The saying goes that we only get one body and that we have to treat it well. One of the most important things that you can do for your body is to take care of your skin. You remember your elementary school biology lesson that your skin is the biggest organ in your body, right? Sure you have to take good care of your heart and the internal organs but your skin deserves some care as well. Keeping your skin soft and well-hydrated is important not only for its appearance but for its function as well.

Body butters are more than just your typical lotion. They are typically made from a much higher oil/fat content and provide more hydration and more softening to your skin. These body butters are also typically more easily absorbed into the skin meaning that you get the most of the benefits without the ingredients being washed down the drain or wiped away with a towel or clothing.

Since they are readily available people might wonder why making body butters on your own is even suggested let alone encouraged. As you will see from this book the benefits of homemade are extraordinary plus there is the bonus of having a lot of fun in the process.

Inside you will learn:

• The ability to control the types and quality of the ingredients that you use.
• The ability to adjust scents and additional ingredients for your own optimal health and happiness.
• The security of knowing that what is in the jar is safe for your family.
• The ability to whip up specialty body butters for friends and family members as gifts for special occasions and just because you love them.

Body Scrubs! Budget-Friendly, Homemade Natural Body Scrubs To Heal and Nourish Your Skin

Take a walk around any beauty shop, bath store or even drug store these days and you will see a million and one different body scrubs all touting their healthy skin benefits. Did you know that most of those benefits can be afforded by making your own homemade scrubs in your kitchen?

Forget spending ten, twenty, thirty dollars on a small jar of chemical infused scrubs, get in your kitchen with "Body Scrubs! Budget-Friendly, Homemade Natural Body Scrubs to Heal and Nourish Your Skin" and take your skin's health in to your own hands!

Whether you're having trouble with acne, dry skin, combination skin trouble, signs of aging or just need a good relaxing scrub down, "Body Scrubs!" has plenty of secrets to share with you that the major corporations don't want you to know.

Instead of wasting your money on pretty perfumed scrubs that offer chemical preservation, this book will show you how you can heal and nourish your skin using nothing but natural resources that cost pennies on the dollar.

Inside You Will Learn:

• Why you should be making use of body scrubs.
• Why homemade body scrubs beat out commercial body scrubs every time.
• What ingredients you should be adding to your homemade body scrubs and why.
• Body scrub recipes that you have to try.
• And Much More

Shampoo Making 101: Fun, Easy, and Budget-Friendly Recipes for Gifts and Personal Use

Have You Ever Wondered What Is In Your Shampoo?

Perhaps you have always wanted to try making your own. The good news that it is easy, fun and budget-friendly and you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment to make it either. Making your own shampoo has benefits that store-bought products cannot offer.

Inside You Will Learn:

• How Shampoo-Making Saves You Money
• What is in Commercial Shampoos and Why You Should Be Concerned
• What Equipment You Will Need and Where To Get It
• How to Make Your First Shampoo Using Just Two Ingredients
• How to Make Shampoo with Essentials Oils
• How to Make Shampoo with Herbs
• How to Make Liquid and Bar Shampoo
• How to Make Other Natural Hair Care Products

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Reinvent Your Boring Sweatshirt

Here is an easy way to update your sweatshirt. Take your boring zip-up hoodie and make it new.

Get out your zip-up hoodie and take different colored strips of other sweatshirt fabric, from thrift store finds. Kids sweatshirts are perfect for getting the fabric for this project, just enough fabric and most thrift stores have kids clothing for about 99 cents each piece!

Measure the front diagonally to from the shoulder to the zipper, then from the zipper on the other side to the side seam. Cut out the fabric that you want to make the stripes with. Pin them down real well on the front and then start sewing by hand around. You can use a contrasting color thread to make it look even more interesting. That is it!! A new sweatshirt!!

Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Stylish Friends & Family!

We all have a family member of a friend who is stylish and would only want something fabulous for Christmas. You need to find something that is frugal for you , but makes a statement for them.

Here is a starting list ~ Ideas for gifts for them.

The first thing that comes to mind on what to give as gift and everyone is wearing them is an Infinity Scarf. They are a low-cost way to give a great gift.

Every woman needs a great Handbag ! You can find really stylish ones for a low price online and make their Christmas!

A Belt would make a great gift. The finishing touch to any outfit. Find a unique one to give.

 Jewelry always brightens a person's day. Find a piece that means something to them or is of something they like. Like , Owls!?  It will show that you have been listening to them and care about what they like.

Get everyone you know Slippers for Christmas.They are something that everyone needs in the winter. Keep their feet warm!

This was just a short list of frugal Christmas ideas. Pretty sure that you could work off of this and come up with some of your own! And don't forget to check up on Black Friday Deals!

Comment below and let us know some of your ideas for Christmas gifts!!!!


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