Saturday, November 21, 2015

Thrifty Home Decor & More

Don't rule out thrift stores as a low cost way to decorate your home. You can always find great art and more. It is also a way to find vintage items if you want a bohemian style. I have found some really unique pieces of furniture and antiques at thrift store. Also, added to my pottery collection, with the recent drop in prices on McCoy and other pottery my pottery collection has doubled.  You can really change the whole look of your house on a frugal budget by shopping at thrift stores.

This huge picture was only $7.00! I wish now that I would have gotten it, it would have fit and looked perfect above my couch.

Keep an eye out for knick knacks, glassware, and collectibles. Thrift stores and yard sales are a great way to add to anyone collection. For very little money - This cute cardinal was only 50 cents!

The trays made out of paper in the 1940's I got for a whole $1.00. Isn't it amazing that some thing that is made of paper has lasted that long?

 Not sure why I bought this creamer and sugar set. They are kind of cute, but ugly! Vintage pottery is my weakness. 50 cents for the set.

 These funky vintage chairs were $2.00 each and I had to have them all. Even though my OCD is freaking out because one of them is yellow. They are marked Casalino I on the back. Which is a great item I am finding out after doing some research. A true treasure!!

Vintage toys are another item to keep an eye out for. Relive your childhood for very little money. I found a scratch n sniff colorform set just like one that I had when I was a kid for 50 cents!! Amazing shape it is in. Only missing 1 or 2 pieces. YAY!!

               Check out your local thrift stores - you will be surprised at what you can find.



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