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How to Create Custom Jeans in Military Style and Original Jeans Turned Inside Out

To design custom jeans in military style you'll need a piece of camouflage material, a needle and thread, buttons, scissors as well as a sartorial chalk. Turn your jeans into Capri trousers by cutting them a bit lower the knee line. Cut two square pieces from camouflage material, with a length of the trouser bottom and a width of about 10 centimeters each.

Sew the cuffs down to the bottoms of trouser legs, whip the side seam and stitch the seams on the sewing machine. Turn the cloth to the front side, carefully spread the cuffs, iron the side cuts into different directions. Turn the upper cut of cloth inside onto 5 millimeters, tack it to the trouser legs of your jeans and stitch the seams.

Sew down the buttons sideways near the outside seam of the trouser legs. Cut out two pockets from camouflage material of the same size which jeans' pockets have.

Turn over the cuts of one of the workpieces 5 millimeters and sew them down to the back pocket of jeans so that the factory stitching of pockets stays visible. Sew the second workpiece using the same technique, however, place it a bit outside of the pocket.

You can also make another patch flap pocket on one side on the thigh. Sew down buttons to the pocket and make cut loops in the flap. That's it!

To create extravagant "inside out" subculture jeans you'll need denim cloth, metallic buttons, thread, a needle and scissors.

Mark out a cut line on both trouser legs. The cut lines should have different levels, for example, one can be marked out up the knee height, the other one a bit lower. Cut off both trouser legs on the marked line using sharp scissors. Turn the cut off parts of trouser legs inside out.

Tack the outstanding inner seams so that they fit to the cloth and the stitching that will come to the front in the ready-made customized jeans model looks neat.

Sew down the finished trouser leg to the place where it was cut off so that unfinished cuts come on the outside, on the front part. Fray the cuts by taking out the threads with your fingers or using a gypsy needle.

Cut out of denim cloth of contrast color eight square worlpieces for onlays about 5 centimeters in width each. Our onlays will have different length, the longest one will be exactly the trouser leg's width, and each other will be 2 centimeters shorter than the previous one. Two last onlays should have equal length.

Turn over the cuts of each workpiece 0,5 centimeters and tack the edges. Stitch each workpiece using the thread of contrast color and on one of the ends make a cut loop using a sewing machine.
Tack and then stitch the onlays except for the shortest one to the jeans on various height parallel to the bottom of the jeans trousers. Sew down metallic buttons to decorative cut loops.

Onlays of different length can be equally placed on trouser legs of your custom tailored jeans. Cut out or pierce holes on back pockets using sharp scissors. Place them so that they would look as symmetrical as possible on both back pockets.

You can create a balanced impression of a complete jeans model by decorating one of the back pockets with a fake onlay.

Complete the pocket's decoration by sewing down a metallic button. Decorate the second back pocket using the same technique. That's it! Your originally built customized jeans are ready.
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