Friday, November 20, 2015

DIY Infinity Scarf - NO SEW!

This is so easy and fast! Very frugal , too. I found this XXL men's t-shirt at a yard sale for 50 cents this summer. Bought it thinking it would be big enough to make a skirt with to wear this winter with black tights. But , I had eyed it wrong. I cut it and right away I knew it would be way too short. So I set it aside for a few minutes , picked it up twisted it and put it around my neck! Yippeeee PERFECT and no sewing

Huge XXL men's t-shirt. I buy these whenever I see them for less than a $1.00 and in good shape. There is a lot of fabric in them. I used to make my son's cloth diapers from t-shirts like this!

 I loved the tiny stripe in this t-shirt. I wear a lot of black and knew this would go with just about everything I have. Whatever I decided to make out of it.

                                    I cut it straight across the t-shirt from underarm to underarm.

I held it in my hands and scrunched it up - bottom of shirt to the end where I cut. Then I twisted it and put it around my neck. Fits exactly like I would want an infinity scarf to fit in the winter. Just right to look great and keep my neck warm.

NO SEW and fast. Maybe 5 minutes total time to make. Now, I want to go thrift store shopping just to look for XXL men's t-shirts!!


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