Friday, November 13, 2015

DIY Projects

DIY Projects Box Set: 25 Unique Soap Recipes For Making Perfect Gifts plus 19 DIY Home Projects To Save Bunch of Money Combined with Amazing Recipes For ... diy home projects, gifts in a jar) was a free Kindle book when this post was written.

Great ideas for making homemade gifts to save money.

BOOK #1: DIY Projects: 25 Unique Soap Making Recipes That Make Perfect Gifts

Have you ever thought about making your own soap? It’s much easier than you think! It also takes very little time when compared to other hobbies. This ebook will explain the difference between making lye soap and making glycerin soap. We will also give you 25 great glycerin soap making recipes. Soap makes a great gift since it is highly customizable. You can also formulate soap to offer relief from troublesome skin problems such as the itch caused by poison ivy.

You will learn what cold processing is and why it’s important to clearly label your soap making supplies. You will learn how to measure out your glycerin and your options for melting it. In short, this ebook is everything you need to get started making your own soap today.

These are only few of the 25 soap making recipes that you'll find in this book:

  • Angel Soap
  • Basil and Lime Soap
  • Bridal Soap
  • Candy Cane Soap
  • Cherry Soap
  • Chocolate Cookie Soap
  • Coffee and Cream Soap

BOOK #2: DIY Projects: 19 Proven Household Tips and Projects To Enlarge Your Productivity, Manage Your Time and Save Bunch of Money

Being productive goes outside of the scope of sitting at your office. Being productive at home means utilizing all of the things that you have and being as efficient as you can be regardless of what you are doing. We have compiled various tasks, tricks, and tips that can help increase your productivity, speed up your housework, declutter, and organize your household, which will leave you more time to relax and enjoy the newfound spaces that you have created.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • In the kitchen: You will find ways to renovate and remaster the spaces that you may have overlooked
  • Luxurious Lounging- Find ways to change the space that you already have—turn a closet or an alcove into a spot that you can rest, relax, and beautify yourself
  • Cleanliness Creates Creativity—Being able to see what you have and own will spark the artist (whether culinary or visual) in you.
  • Find out ways to keep your house smelling great without having the artificial smells or chemicals found in commercial products
  • Do you have pets? Are you wanting to find ways to keep them from terrorizing your furniture and walls? We have many hints and tricks that can help you stay on good terms with your furry friend.
  • We have you covered! The best tricks and tips to help you regain your sanity and keep you focused are ahead.

BOOK #3: Diy Gifts: Amazing Recipes For Unique DIY Gifts in Jar With Little Effort and Low-Budget

DIY Gifts: Amazing Recipes for Unique DIY Gifts in a Jar With Little Effort and Low-Budget is the ultimate guide on how to create amazing, unique gifts in a jar that you’re friends and family will treasure without breaking your bank account.
This book also features a guide on which types of jars to buy, how pack them properly and to decorate them beautifully. As a bonus, a Money Saving Tip section will teach you how to buy your ingredients and supplies at a very low cost to maximize your savings.

In this book you will find recipes for:

  • Breads and Focaccias
  • Cookies and Brownies
  • Soups and Chilis
  • Pizza Dough and Seasonings
  • Beverages
  • Snacks
  • Dry Rubs and Seasonings
  • Bath Salt and Milks
  • Body Scrubs and Butters
  • Facial Cleansers


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