Monday, November 9, 2015

DIY Denim

Denim is the number one thing to have plenty of in your closet. Have it in every style, wash, and clothing. You can get skirts, dresses, and shirts in denim. Jeans are the most important to have and can be worn with anything.

When you get a new pair of jeans or something that is denim it might be stiff. You can easily soften them up. Take them and wash them with fabric softener added and then dry them with a towel and a clean pair of tennis shoes. Repeat as often as you need to. Make sure to add fabric softener to each wash. That is why I like vintage denim and getting my jeans from thrift stores. They are already soft and worn. The vintage look and feel is the best.

A great way to give your denim a new look is to give it a bit of damage!  Use a utility knife and slice them in places , as many as you want  , down the pant legs. Wash them to make the slices fray a bit and then use thread and needle to sew the slices up. Giving your jeans a cool look. Use different colors of thread. Black thread will look great, but try red, or hot pink. Try any color.

Splatter on some bleach with a paintbrush. Spray it around randomly and lightly at first. You can always add more Better to start splattering less than too much. This will give your denim a very unique look.

You can also use bleach to fade the whole item. Wash the item in the washing machine with about a teaspoon full of bleach. Then dry. Repeat if they need to be more faded for your liking.

Denim is something that everyone should have. You can do things yourself to make them more unique and more YOU!


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