Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Bath and Beauty Box Set: Homemade Beauty Products for Gifting and Personal Use

Give homemade gifts this Christmas to be frugal. You can make homemade items that give that personal touch , making everyone happy , and saving you money! Even save more money because this book if FREE for your Kindle. Bath and Beauty Box Set: Homemade Beauty Products for Gifting and Personal Use (Skin & Hair Care) is free for kindle at the time of this posting. Check the pricing.


Bath and Beauty Box Set

DIY Body Butters: Homemade Body Butter Recipes for Skin Rejuvenation and Hydration

The saying goes that we only get one body and that we have to treat it well. One of the most important things that you can do for your body is to take care of your skin. You remember your elementary school biology lesson that your skin is the biggest organ in your body, right? Sure you have to take good care of your heart and the internal organs but your skin deserves some care as well. Keeping your skin soft and well-hydrated is important not only for its appearance but for its function as well.

Body butters are more than just your typical lotion. They are typically made from a much higher oil/fat content and provide more hydration and more softening to your skin. These body butters are also typically more easily absorbed into the skin meaning that you get the most of the benefits without the ingredients being washed down the drain or wiped away with a towel or clothing.

Since they are readily available people might wonder why making body butters on your own is even suggested let alone encouraged. As you will see from this book the benefits of homemade are extraordinary plus there is the bonus of having a lot of fun in the process.

Inside you will learn:

• The ability to control the types and quality of the ingredients that you use.
• The ability to adjust scents and additional ingredients for your own optimal health and happiness.
• The security of knowing that what is in the jar is safe for your family.
• The ability to whip up specialty body butters for friends and family members as gifts for special occasions and just because you love them.

Body Scrubs! Budget-Friendly, Homemade Natural Body Scrubs To Heal and Nourish Your Skin

Take a walk around any beauty shop, bath store or even drug store these days and you will see a million and one different body scrubs all touting their healthy skin benefits. Did you know that most of those benefits can be afforded by making your own homemade scrubs in your kitchen?

Forget spending ten, twenty, thirty dollars on a small jar of chemical infused scrubs, get in your kitchen with "Body Scrubs! Budget-Friendly, Homemade Natural Body Scrubs to Heal and Nourish Your Skin" and take your skin's health in to your own hands!

Whether you're having trouble with acne, dry skin, combination skin trouble, signs of aging or just need a good relaxing scrub down, "Body Scrubs!" has plenty of secrets to share with you that the major corporations don't want you to know.

Instead of wasting your money on pretty perfumed scrubs that offer chemical preservation, this book will show you how you can heal and nourish your skin using nothing but natural resources that cost pennies on the dollar.

Inside You Will Learn:

• Why you should be making use of body scrubs.
• Why homemade body scrubs beat out commercial body scrubs every time.
• What ingredients you should be adding to your homemade body scrubs and why.
• Body scrub recipes that you have to try.
• And Much More

Shampoo Making 101: Fun, Easy, and Budget-Friendly Recipes for Gifts and Personal Use

Have You Ever Wondered What Is In Your Shampoo?

Perhaps you have always wanted to try making your own. The good news that it is easy, fun and budget-friendly and you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment to make it either. Making your own shampoo has benefits that store-bought products cannot offer.

Inside You Will Learn:

• How Shampoo-Making Saves You Money
• What is in Commercial Shampoos and Why You Should Be Concerned
• What Equipment You Will Need and Where To Get It
• How to Make Your First Shampoo Using Just Two Ingredients
• How to Make Shampoo with Essentials Oils
• How to Make Shampoo with Herbs
• How to Make Liquid and Bar Shampoo
• How to Make Other Natural Hair Care Products


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