Thursday, November 12, 2015

Glitter bug.

Let's say that I get bored easily, but I've been seeing glitter hair inspo all over Instagram here lately and thought that I would give it a shot. So, I decided to make my own! 

Below is what I used to make the hair glitter. Typically, it is suggested that you use hair GEL, using that to mix the glitter with (as it increases the staying power). Alas, I was lazy and didn't feel like going out so I used something I already owned: Tresemme Perfectly Undone Wave Sea Foam (it has a slightly sticky consistency so it will cling to the hair and it mixed well with the glitter). Also, I was mainly experimenting with it today. I will likely use actual hair gel for later batches (because this hair glitter really did not stay as well as I would have liked- but hey, I was bored and you get the idea). Whatever you use, DEFINITELY be sure it is safe for your hair.. so a hair product, obviously. :p

I bought the glitter at Dollar Tree for $1. First, I added said glitter to a little container, slowly adding the Tresemme until it got to the right consistency. I wanted the hair glitter to easily stick to a makeup brush for easy application, so you do not want it to be too runny.. but you definitely want to make sure that all of the glitter is incorporated nicely, so that you do not have any loose particles that will just fall off your head at any slight movement. Below is a picture of the hair glitter sticking to my hand perfectly.

The picture below is after application. I literally just dabbed the hair glitter where ever I wanted it, using a makeup brush. Namely, to my roots, since that is how I saw it done on Instagram.  

It's super pretty and it was SUPER cheap to make! I think it will be great for the holiday season, as it looks so festive and fun! :


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